M.E. Vaughan is a binational Anglo-French novelist and singer-songwriter, who specialises in fantasy, magic realism and mythology. Head writer, and founding member of the Hampshire-based Gaming Studio Enigmatic Studios, she is a Creative Writing lecturer at the University of Winchester, and has a 1:1 Bachelors degree in Creative Writing, and a Masters in Writing for Children.

Her first novel The Sons of Thestian was published in March, 2015, with the sequel Blood of the Delphi following in February 2017. The books are part of a series called The Harmatia Cycle which draws on Celtic and Arthurian mythology, but modernises the typical archetypes and gender-roles within them. As well as working in fantasy, M.E. Vaughan also enjoys Mystery and Drama and writes personalised murder mystery games for parties.

In 2016, M.E. Vaughan and fellow author J.A. Ironside began an audio series named Dissecting Dragons, which is a discussion-based pod-cast that focuses on the ins and outs of speculative fiction. The series has invited a number of guests onto the show so far to discuss varied topics, and is designed primarily – as the tagline says – by writers and readers, for writers and readers.

Musically, M.E. Vaughan has achieved a Grade 8 Distinction, and a further Advanced Certificate in Singing, and is a keen composer. She was awarded the Excellence Awardee music scholarship at the University of Winchester, which granted her a bursary to pursue her musical interests. Later, when she graduated, she worked as the Foundation Music Intern, and an events administrator, and continues to run a folk and world music choir at the University today.

Artistically, M.E. Vaughan is a hobbyist, who enjoys painting, drawing and photomanipulation.

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