Looking to Hire…?

I am available for hire by commission. Please look at the list below which details the services I provide. If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me.

If you wish to hire me then please contact me with full details of the job. I will then send you an estimation of cost. If you are happy with the price, we will then proceed. The buyer must put down a 20% deposit and will pay the rest of the sum upon completionof the work*.  If the work, for whatever reason, is incomplete, the buyer will receive a full refund of the deposit.
If you make an inquiry and are unhappy with the quoted price, no contract will be made and you will not be charged.

Rates: For shorter works, £10 an hour/page. For longer works between £7-10 an hour/0.5 page. Prices will vary according to the task, and can be negotiated. Concessions available for Students.

*Note – If the job requires more than 10+ hours, deposit price may change.


I can write – 

* Short Stories/Poetry: Personalised short stories or poetry as required for events or for private usage. These include Valentine’s poems, personlised short-stories for children and work to commemorate certain events.

* Advertisements: Professional advertisements for product launches or promotion to help maximize sales.

* Reviews: Detailed reviews of books, movies, etc. Both for published and original works.

Music: Original compositions, both lyrical and soundtrack. (Note. Prices are separate for these.) Please contact for more details.



* Critique: I will read any work (Fiction/Non-Fiction/Etc.) and provide a detailed list of suggested creative revisions as well as a full review. (This does not include grammatical revisions strictly, though some may be pointed out.)

* ConsultationI am available for a consultation if you require creative thoughts, or need help sorting out your own. This can be incredibly helpful if you are struggling with Writer’s Block, or cannot seem to get your ideas down on paper. Consultations can be done in person, via skype or over the phone as required and normally last an hour at a rate of £10. If nothing is achieved from the consultation,  then there will be no charge.



*Personlised Murder Mysteries: I started doing these to fill a gap in the market, so that hosts could have a party game exactly tailored to their wishes and guests. The buyer chooses the theme, the setting and even the characters. Find out more about it here.


When a contract has been made, it can only be terminated on my agreement within a certain time-frame. If work has already commenced, I have a right to retain the deposit. If work is compete or near completion, the buyer must pay full price and the completed work will be delivered to them. Constant dialogue between myself and the buyer will ensure that the buyer has several chances to say if they are unhappy with the product before it enters its final stages.

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