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Welcoming lovers of fantasy, scifi, horror, and all the channels inbetween, authors J.A. Ironside and M.E. Vaughan are proud to present Dissecting Dragons, the new podcast dedicated to discussing and dissecting speculative fiction for writers and readers, by writers and readers.

Releasing episodes weakly on Podbean & Itunes, Ironside and Vaughan will be exploring a number of different subjects, with the occasional weekly guest-star, and discussing the latest in both best selling and lesser known books and films.

Their goal: to dissect and examine all aspects of speculative fiction, from the nuts and bolts of writing it, to its (occasionally) obscure origins.

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  1. Rags to Rebel Leaders – The Re-emergence of the Fairy Tale
  2. Tainted Love – of Triangles, Love Potions and the Happily Ever After
  3. Deus Ex Machina – it was all a Dream: when Writers let you down
  4. Witches, Brooms and Spells: Enchanting and Entrapping Children in Fiction. (GUEST STAR – James Nicol)
  5. Sci-Fi Westerns, Fantasy and Space Opera – Humankind’s conquest of Space
  6. Merlin, Mordred and Morgana – Magic in Arthurian Legend
  7. Tatooine to Tudor England – The trappings of Historical and Speculative World Building
  8. Bugbears of Battle – Inciting Violence in Speculative Fiction
  9. From West to East – Translating Speculative Fiction into Anime and Manga
  10. Fight like a Girl – ‘Strong’ Female Characters in Speculative Fiction


Dissecting Dragons was the brain child of speculative authors J.A. Ironside and M.E. Vaughan, who decided one day to combine their love of fiction, and their experience as both writers and readers into a podcast, specifically looking at Fantasy, Scifi and all the odd bits and bobs that go between.

M.E. Vaughan:

Author of the best-selling fantasy The Sons of Thestian, Madeleine is a graduate from the University of Winchester currently undertaking a PhD into the evolution of faeries in literature. Director of Winchester’s Folk & World Music Choir, Madeleine is a keen composer and musician, and lectures in Creative Writing. Her interest in faeries was incited by her mother who, one day, unwittingly implored Madeleine to ‘write a nice story for a change, with faeries or something’.  This request birthed the first draft of The Sons of Thestian, and the subsequent start of Madeleine’s writing career. In the dedication of her book, Madeleine apologises to her mother for only being able to fufil half of her request. Faeries, as it turns out, are pretty damn horrible.

Follow Madeleine at:
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J.A. Ironside:

Jules Anne Ironside grew up in a house full of books in rural Dorset. She loves speculative fiction of all stripes, especially fantasy and science fiction, although when it comes to the written word, she’s not choosey and will read almost anything. Actually it would be fair to say that she starts to go a bit peculiar if she doesn’t get through around three books a week. Jules writes across various genres and it’s a rare story if there isn’t a fantastical or speculative element in there somewhere.

As a keen martial artist, Jules has studied several disciplines but is most accomplished in Goju Ryu karate which she has studied and taught for almost twenty years. Her favourite things include books (obviously), slippers, cheese and surreal conversations.

She now lives in Gloucestershire, on the edge of the Cotswold way with her boyfriend creature and a small black and white cat, both of whom share a god-complex.

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