The Sons of Thestian


“Fae thinks I can see it. The future.”
“Can you?”
“…I hope not.”

The Prince Jionathan is plagued by visions of death. With the King on his death-bed, and the tyrannical Queen in power, the Kingdom of Harmatia lies in peril.

Fleeing the city in fear of his life, Jionathan is shadowed by Rufus Merle, a young, secretive Magi tasked with bringing him home.

Now, with the help of a fearsome Sidhe warrior named Fae, they must traverse a dangerous faerie-wood together.

Against bandits, faeries and cursed priestesses, these unlikely friends travel a path fraught with danger, not least from the blood-thirsty Night Patrol and the dark conspiracy that shrouds them.

“Epic Fantasy with a difference” – J.A. Ironside

Blood of the Delphi

9780995614918“Praise Harmatia, it is a city of gold and light. Praise it until it crumbles to dust.”

Rufus Merle is a wanted man. After twelve years on the run, raising the infant Prince Joshua in secret, the last of the Delphi line now stands in grave peril. Sick, friendless and out of places to hide, Rufus and Joshua are hunted by dangerous alchemists, a deranged assassin, and a powerful faerie goddess, who will do everything in her power to turn Rufus into a living weapon.

With the net closing around them, and the sparks of unrest and rebellion igniting across the Kingdom, Arlen Zachary is forced to question his own allegiance between the Crown, and the people he swore to protect. As the gods play their hands, and the ancient Sidhe prepare to settle a century old feud, Harmatia trembles under the tyrannical rule of a King, whose only commitment is to the dead.

“Multifaceted, accomplished and brilliant’ – J.A. Ironside

Blood, Teeth & Bones

Blood, Teeth & Bones (Ebook) Finished

“Don’t you ever get tired of fighting Arlen Zachary’s battles?”

When Zachary falls deathly ill with sleep-fever, Marcel is faced with the uncomfortable truth that there are some things he cannot protect Zachary from. With his loyalty questioned, and with silent enemies circling, memories begin to resurface as Marcel looks back on where it all began and just why he is willing to die for his Captain.

Set during, and before the events of Blood of the Delphi (Book #2 of The Harmatia Cycle).





Stalking Leviathan: A Bestiary of Tales

Stalking Leviathan“It’s out there. I can feel it in my water. I can hear it…”

Twelve tales that go in search of creatures of myth, legend, and the spaces between the real and the imagined. From the overwhelming confusion of the Irish Civil War to the eerie expanse of modern day Bodmin Moor; from Elizabethan England to the skies above Persia, the Random Writers quest for an answer to the question – What is the nature of the beast?

“Kestrel and the Cryptonites” by M.E. Vaughan

“After a few heavier, somewhat melancholy stories, this was such a joy to read! Kestrel and Galahad’s adventure was light, humorous, and action-packed. From the first line, Kestrel was a great protagonist, and I loved to see how she interacted with all of the other side characters (and Galahad, course). I could be wrong, but I think Vaughan is going to expand this into a book or series? I hope she is, anyway, because this was just so much fun to read, and I’d love to go on more adventures with Kestrel!” – Trinalovesbooks